Riscantus | Geschäftsbedingung
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Terms of Use and Consent
Personal data that Riscantus AB collects from you and saves are for example, is your name, phone number and email address when filling in forms at the homepage.
By filling out a form on our website, you agree that your personal information (e.g. your name, phone number and email address and any other information you write) are stored in our systems and that we can contact you in the matter you wish for and marketing purposes . When you contact us via the forms on our website, we might register information about it in our business support system.

When you use our site, personal information is collected via e.g. cookies. It stores the information about your use and which pages are visited. This could be technical information about your device and internet connection such as operating system, browser version, IP address, cookies, and unique identifiers.
If you do not accept that your computer receives and stores cookies, you can adjust the security settings in your web browser. Keep in mind that turning off cookies will degrade your site experience.